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About us


  • “Level Playground”


  • Original:
    • Remix strives to create innovative dance theatre performance and education programmes that bring together people with different body histories, body types and abilities.
    • The work of Remix is artistically fresh, outstanding and intelligent
  • Visible:
    • Remix performs work on professional and mainstream dance platforms.
    • Remix strives to raise awareness and appreciation of this developing art form through research, and by establishing national and international networks.
  • Accessible:
    • Remix runs education programs for everyone who wants to experience and develop skills in integrated dance-theatre.
    • Remix challenges conventional dance and theatre infrastructures to address issues of accessibility
    • Remix recognises people of all physical abilities as full participants in the artistic life of South Africa.

The vision of Remix is to see the development of a community of integrated dance practitioners in South Africa, and the simultaneous emergence of an integrated audience in accessible theatre complexes.