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Workshop program

Remix offers workshops and/or performances in integrated dance at schools, tertiary and other institutions in the Western Cape and elsewhere if the company is on tour.

These workshops/performances are done upon request through phoning our office or e-mailing us.

Schools that have been visited in 2006 include Belhar High School with Astra school, Rustenburg Girls High, Valsbay Collage, Eros School

Tertiary institutions that have been visited in 2006 include Stellenbosch University – Psychology department; University of Cape Town – Centre for African Studies

Teacher training courses have been offered for the last two years at the Cape Peninsula University of technology – teacher training in integrated dance for Arts and Culture teachers from schools all over the Western Cape.

Other institutions include the Association for the Physically Disabled, Arts and Media Access Centre and Remix formed part of the Iziko National Gallery’s integrated arts workshop program for various Western Cape Schools. In

School Residency Programme

We talk about a residency when Remix Dance Company members spends a week or more at a school teaching dance skills every day and making a performance with the learners with he aim of performing this show in front of the rest of the school and guests. This showing at the end of the residency will be supported by a Remix performance. Teacher training sessions are also offered in integrated dance.

Remix Dance Company is very proud of the success of our residency work so far because through the residency process our integrated education work is forming a very solid foundation for this work to continue

To be resident: means to stay

This project uses the difference of “ability” to broaden the artistic work of dance and uses integrated movement work to bring learners together across difference.

A Remix Residency is a period of 7 days in which Remix Dance Company stays close to a school and works with the learners for up to 4 hours a day. In this time the learners dance, together, receive lectures about contemporary South African dance and create a performance that will be shown to the school and surrounding community at the end of the residency. This performance will be a double bill: the learners performance and performances from Remix Dance Company.

The learners dance. They learn dance and performance skills, they learn to express their ideas in movement, they work together. The residency programme addresses many of the dance learning outcomes of the senior arts and culture curriculum. It draws on learning areas of music, arts, mathematics and environment studies.

In addition, the residency offers the opportunity for arts and culture teachers to gain training in dance.

The ideal residency brings together learners from two schools: one mainstream school and one school for learners with special needs. The Residency in this instance is a bridging possibility where it uses the difference of culture to broaden the artistic work and uses integrated movement work to bring people together.

The unique focus of Remix is that is addresses the learning areas of integrated dance in the National Curriculum directly.