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Company Members:

Malcom Philip Black (Artistic Director) started dancing in 2000 after attending an integrated dance workshop with Nicola Visser the original director. Together they then co-founded Remix and Black attended a skills training workshop with Adam Benjamin, one of the pioneers in integrated dance across the globe. Benjamin and Black worked together frequently after that.

As Remix evolved Malcom could explore many different skilled areas within the company and is currently involved in all productions as a dancer and artistic director. As one of the founders of Remix, Malcom tries to carry the vision that was created initially with clarity, conviction and ambition. It is in this area that Malcom has always played a strong part as he is the only company member to be a part of Remix since its formation in 2000. “I think this dance deserves to gain recognition. As an art form the disability per se should not be the overriding factor; rather it should be the challenge it presents for conceptualisation and choreography.”

His performance repertoire includes the following: Quirest Quire (2000) with Twasaragano Company at the Dance Factory in Joburg, “ On Your Island, Does the night fall later?” (2001)Artscape, Taking care of small things (2004) Little Theatre, “Eyo!” (2007) Baxter Dance Festival, Bluebeard (2006) Lions cages in Old zoo, To Pieces (2007) Little theatre – Grahamstown Festival, I can’t give you anything but love (2007) Grahamstown Festival, Dancing with shadows (2007) Iziko National Gallery and Johannesburg Art Gallery as part of dance umbrella in 2008, Beautifull (2008,2009) Artscape.

He was also nominated for the FNB New Comer Award in 2002 in contemporary dancing. He was the first South African disabled dancer that was recognised for outstanding performance.

Consultant and Choreographer – Ina Wichterich
Ina trained as a ballet and contemporary dancer at Balletakademie, Cologne, and in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. She went on to perform with the world-famous Pina Bausch Dance Theatre and other acclaimed European companies. She then moved to South Africa, where she started teaching for Jazzart Dance Theatre, and over the years she has become a vital and integral part of the team as a teacher and choreographer. She was part of choreographing Rain in a Dead Man’s Footprints (2004). In 2005 she premiered a collaborative work called Ubuhle Bemvelo with 20 dancers from Jazzart, La Rosa, CAFDA, Dance for All and the Wilvan School of Dance, followed by the major pieces Guardian of the Flame (2005), Cargo (2007) and the recent Partly God (2009), to mention a few.

Ina’s first piece for Remix was called I Can’t Give You Anything But Love and in 2006 she did two pieces, Eyo and Magogo. In 2008 she did a collaboration piece for Artscape called Beautyfull with Jazzart, Remix Dance Company and SA Circle of Dance Academy. For the FNB Dance Umbrella she choreographed Jumpass.

Ina who also teaches and performs in Argentinian Tango believes some things are better said in words, others in dance. “I am interested in people’s stories and music and the combination.”



Nadine Mackenzie
20 year old Nadine Mckenzie started dancing at Astra School in Montevideo in workshops by Jazzart. She also did ballroom dancing with Gladys Bullock for two years. She started dancing with Remix in 2006 as a company member.

Productions she has performed in are Blue Beard in 2006 at the Rhodes Memorial, Beautyfull in 2008 and 2009 at the Artscape and Dancing with Shadows at the Iziko National Gallery in 2007.

Working with Remix has brought about a career opportunity that she only dreamed of. “It’s a gift for me to be working with Remix. When I started dancing, at first I didn’t enjoy it but in time I liked it. I was still young. I asked ‘how can we dance when we are in wheelchairs?”She would like the world to see how differently abled people can dance. She wants to change peoples prejudices and show what you can achieve if you cross social boundaries. She describes herself as strong, caring and ambitious. Everybody can see these qualities when she is performing.

Lee-Anne Althea Meyer
For 25 year old Lee-Anne her dance career started in her back yard at the age of 7. She first trained in Ballet and completed grade 3. She became part of a dance group in Eerste River, they entered into competitions and started incorporating new styles into their performances like hip-hop and break dancing. She was recommended by her school to audition for a place at Jazzart. Upon finishing school she was accepted into a three year dance training program at Jazzart Dance Theatre. She was then asked to be in the internationally acclaimed production Amakhosi which toured to Canada. In this production Lee-Anne had the opportunity to dance as well as do trapeze work. She really enjoyed working with the two art forms in one piece. The tours around Europe, Seyschells, Dubai were highlights in her career thus far.

Other productions that she has performed in are: Rain in the dead men’s footsteps (2004) Artscape, Oude Libertas, Oukiep, Guardian of the Flame ( 2006 ) Artscape, “Amakhosi” (2008) and the Germany, London and Paris Dance Sessions (2008 – 2009)

Lee-Anne joined Remix first on their tour to Europe where they took part in a dance festival.  She believes that this made her a lot stronger as an individual and reminded her of where her roots really are.

Andile Aubey Vellem
Andile Aubey Vellem was taught to waltz, chacha and play all kinds of sport by his parents. This sparked a flame that to this day burns strong. Andile lives for dance. 35 year old Andile started with Remix in 2005.

Although Andile is deaf it has not stopped him from pursuing a career in dance. His firat tour was in 2000 when he joined the Tshwanagano’s In Touch tour to the Royal Albert Hall in London. He has also participated in the following productions: I can’t give you anything but love, Baxter Dance Festival (2005 – 2006) , Matsong (In Hand), Shadow , Due 2, Finniter, Beautiful, White Line, Black FieldColourful Game”

Besides dancing Andile also teaches sign language for the Deaf Community Cape Town (DCCT) and has choreographed dance pieces with deaf dancers.

Andile’s career highlights are performing in New York and Ghana. Altouhg Cape Town is his home and he loves working here. For him dancing with Remix is all about awakening awareness in people for integrated dance.

Marlon Zoutman took up contemporary dance as a subject in secondary school.He was then involved in the following productions: Cargo, Grahamstown festival, Artscape and Baxter Theatre (200), Rain in a dead man’s Footprints, Namaqualand, Oude Libertas (2004), Bolero (2002). He has also worked with great choreographers like Adel Blank, Christopher Kindo and of course Ina Wichterich.

He was then chosen as one of 15 dancers out of 160 applicants to train at Jazzart. He trained for three years with Jazzart and even had the opertuinity to choreograph for the Baxter festival, Neverland, Dancescape and Scar. Other performances include the opening of the CTICC in Cape Town, Artscape Dancescape and the J&B Met. He has also worked with Neo Muyanga, Sibongile Khumalo and her son, Heather Mack, Magnet Theatre, Tina Sigcawu – all from Garden of the Flame which has been a highlight in his career.

Marlon has only been with Remix since the start of this year but he is truly inspired by the work that they do and although he has not danced in an integrated company he is looking forward to the experience. Working with Remix is “Very comfortable, I like the people, I love the energy. The work gets done. I am learning to appreciate other people. Everyone has got their own story to tell, every one is unique.”

Guest Artists – Chumba Sapotela, Bongile Mantsai

Past and Present Collaborative Artists: Zamani Diniso (dancer); Adam Benjamin (choreographer, UK); Rachel Liggit (teacher, UK); Ina Wiechterich (teacher and choreographer); Gerry Turvey (teacher and Education Director); Mpho Masisela (dancer) Gcobani Nxiba (dancer), Jodi Falk (choreographer, USA), Ellen Kaz (choreographer, USA), Geli Schubert (choreographer), Abey Xakwe (dancer); Jaqueline Dommisse (choreographer), Shelley Barry (disability activist and filmmaker). Katherine Glenday; Tossie van Tonder; Betina Frank; Dianne Griffiths; Claire Griffiths; Rob Murrey (theatre performer teacher and choreographer); Tanya Surtees(theatre performer teacher and choreographer); Lena Sulik (Stage manager)  Kelly John Gough (Stage manager)  ; Monwabisi Maraji (dancer); Jo Tudhope (co. manager); Sudi Kapengura (dancer), Leticia Cherbois (dance practitioner, Switzerland), Silva Laukenen (dance practitioner, Finland), John Glenn (contact improvisation teacher, USA) Jaco Bouwer and ‘Vleis Rys en Aartappels’ Production Company, Jay Pather (choreographer) ; Craig Leo (Production Design)

Collaborative Musicians: Neo Muyanga;  Michael Toye, Philip Black, Garth Erasmus, James Webb; Braam du Toit